My Name is Quddus…

In early 2017, I became a lawyer. Not long after I had a realization:

Things aren’t changing, yet they are.
Things were moving, yet they weren’t.

Against the backdrop of my peers and circumstance, I took months to search, discover and finally choose the side I wanted to be on. The wave I chose to ride was the one swelling up, not the one crashing down.

Then began a year of discovery: of toiling, trying, conversing and consulting, pivots and testing. The idea became a solution, the solution grew from simple to complex and back again.

I understood the principles, I built around that.

I only launched when I was sure. Perhaps I even waited too long as the needs are so great, the story is begging to be told. But late in my eyes seem to be years away in others.

We can only believe the things we choose to believe. I believe I can’t be spending too long with those stuck in the past.

There’s just so much to do moving forward.

If you need out of the rhetoric in the market, need someone who’s not scared about what you’re thinking, need creative ideas, future facing solutions and a dot-connector, you can book a time with me below.